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Talent Strategy

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  • Time of issue:2017-06-19 00:00:00
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☆ Employment principle :

●Both ability and political integrity, to Germany as the first, the company is the basic principles of employment;

●The only person, ability is more important than education;

●Pay attention to the strengths of talent, people do their best, only to apply;

●The principle of reward and punishment;

●For the staff to create an ideal platform for development, so that employees achieve personal value at the same time create value for the company to achieve "win-win" and "

☆ Compensation principle

● Principle of compliance with the law;

● Internal fairness, external competitive;

● Based on the actual ability of the pay system, high - quality, high - skilled access to high pay;

● Compensation Composition: Basic salary + job allowance + overtime salary + bonus + performance salary, job allowance based on the company appointed and the staff to determine the level of individual work ability, job allowance with the company appointment and dismissal at the same time.

☆ Employee benefits include:


●Unemployment insurance;

●Medical insurance;

●Injury insurance;

●Commercial accident insurance and additional risk;

●Housing subsidy;

●Food allowance;


●Foreign staff to return home tolls.

☆ Staff training objectives:

●Understand and agree with the company's corporate culture and development strategy;

●Build a learning organization, building a proficient in professional management, innovation, teamwork, loyalty and reliable production management team;

●And constantly improve the overall quality of staff for the development of staff to provide opportunities to enrich the staff life.

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