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Jiangsu Kailin New Materials Industry Research Design Institute CO. LTD.

Jiangsu Kailin New Materials Industry Research Design Institute CO. LTD.

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Jiangsu Kailin New Materials Industry Research Design Institute CO. LTD.was Jiangsu Kailin Ruiyang ChemicaI Co.,Ltd.governs the subsidiary, in August 2013, registered capital of 35 million yuan, mainly engaged in chemical new material, new products and new technology research and development and technical advice, technical services, engineering design, project management and engineering general contracting, etc. In 2014, the company controlled jiangsu kaip tianjian chemical equipment manufacturing co., LTD., and entered into the industry of chemical equipment design, manufacturing and installation.

The company has the strong professional technical team, among them senior engineer 2, the doctor 1, each professional engineer more than 20, all have years of professional experience.

Companies adhering to the "integrity and fine, quality and growth, harmony and enterprising" the enterprise idea and "with personhood, focus on doing things" the corporate culture, adhere to the "good faith, service, responsible for the customer, customer satisfaction" service tenet, at the same time of internal service, enthusiasm for external product development, technology innovation, engineering design, project management and general contracting, and a series of services.

Technical services:

1, provide formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and ethanol, pentaerythritol series of polyols, carbon dioxide, formic acid, insurance powder, high temperature resistant synthetic ester, resin, halogen free flame retardant environmental protection, methanol gasoline additive products such as complete sets of technology and service.

2. Responsible for the production, installation and construction of mechanical equipment, electrical instruments and anti-corrosion insulation, and the general contracting of complete sets of equipment.

3. Provide environmental technical services such as waste water, waste gas, waste residue, dust removal and other environmental management projects.

4. Provide membrane technology, multi-effect evaporative energy saving technology services and general contracting of energy conservation projects.

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