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Caprol Chemical (liyang) CO. LTD

Caprol Chemical (liyang) CO. LTD

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Caprol Chemical (liyang) CO. LTD was established in November 2016 in liyang, jiangsu province, is a research and development of waterborne polyurethane dispersion and chemical material production and production as the guidance of the environmental protection enterprises. The company currently has a production capacity of 5,000 tons, developed water - based polyurethane products, and the production process is different from the current domestic mainstream production system. The product application fields cover synthetic leather, textile printing and coating, adhesive, water-borne wood paint and industrial paint, water-based ink and paper printing, surface treatment and other industries. Developed many brands high solids high performance polyurethane water medium, waterborne polyurethane synthetic leather products, has covered synthetic leather QianHouDao processing and bottom, middle and the application and function of each layer resin leather requirements for resin.

The company adheres to the concept of "innovation, excellence, continuous improvement and sustainable operation". "Quality is the first work" as our permanent quality policy; To protect the environment, return to society, care for employees and other social responsibilities as their own; "Integrity, responsibility, innovation, team" as the constant pursuit and goal, we are willing to work together with our friends for a better tomorrow!


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