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Bottom resin

PU matte finish, primer
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Products Categiry:Polyol Series
Keywords:UV light curing new material series,Reactive diluent
Product description:Jiangsu Kailin Ruiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, the headquarters is located in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, south of the town of strong town. Is a set of polyol series, UV light curing series, water-based polyurethane series and the new resin


PU matte finish, primer

Manufacturing technique

1.Check the reaction kettle. Clean and clean

2. Put A material into the reactor. Close the backflow valve.

3. Began to heat up, open stir around 80 ℃, reflux after turning down the heat oil valve, open the backflow preventer. Slowly heat up to 160-170 ℃ reflux heat preservation after 2 hours. Control column temperature less than 105 ℃, the vertical type cooling water control are available, and then with 10 ℃ / h temperature to 200 ℃ to 205 ℃.

4.Began sampling temperature to 205 ℃ for one hour. Measure the value of viscosity. The viscosity is measured in the previous one hour and the latter half hour. Late to regular sampling, testing viscosity, acid value of qualified, temperature 200 ℃ or so began to turn

5.Prepare B material ahead of time. When turning the dilute kettle temperature control under 110 ℃. Transfer the remaining B material to the reaction kettle, stirring about 20 minutes or so before putting in the diluted caldron

6.After 1 hour stirring, the sample is adjusted to the viscosity, and when the viscosity is adjusted to the qualified, filter packaging

Transport storage

The products should be kept in a dry, cool and ventilated place. Prevent sunlight from direct irradiation, and should isolate fire source, away from heat source.

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