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Acetaldehyde for industrial use
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Acetaldehyde for industrial use

In organic synthesis, acetaldehyde is the second carbon reagent and electrophilic reagent, as the synthesis of CH3CH (OH). It is contracted with three copies of formaldehyde to generate pentaerythrito
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Keywords:UV light curing new material series,Reactive diluent
Product description:Jiangsu Kailin Ruiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, the headquarters is located in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, south of the town of strong town. Is a set of polyol series, UV light curing series, water-based polyurethane series and the new resin


In organic synthesis, acetaldehyde is the second carbon reagent and electrophilic reagent, as the synthesis of CH3CH (OH). It is contracted with three copies of formaldehyde to generate pentaerythritol (CH2OH) 4. The reaction of the reagent and the organic lithium reagent was formed. The synthesis of the Strecker amino acid, acetaldehyde and cyanate and ammonia condensation, can be synthesized by the synthesis of alanine. Acetaldehyde can also be used to construct heterocyclic rings, such as polyacetaldehyde and ammonia to generate pyridine derivatives. In addition, acetaldehyde can be used to make acetic acid, ethanol and ethyl acetate. DDT pesticides are synthesized from acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is chlorinated with chloroacetaldehyde. The hydrate of trichloroacetaldehyde is a sleeping pill.

Physicochemical property

Appearance and properties: colorless liquid, strong irritating odor, volatile, easy to burn.

Melting point (℃): -121

Boiling point (℃): 20.8

Relative density (water = 1): 0.78

refractive index1.3316。

Solubility: can be mixed with water, ethanol, ether, chloroform, etc.

Flash point (℃) : - 39(cup)

explosion limits%(V/V): 4-57%

ignition temperature(℃):140

Manufacturing technique

Ethanol is oxidized

Transport storage


The time limit for the transportation of this product is to be shipped by self - equipped tanker, which shall be submitted to the relevant department for approval before shipment. The transport vehicles should be equipped with corresponding varieties and quantities of fire fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. It's better to transport sooner or later in summer. The tank (tank) used in transportation should have ground chain, which can be set up in the slot to reduce the vibration. It is strictly forbidden to mix with oxidizer, reducing agent, acid and edible chemicals. The transportation should be protected from exposure, rain, and high temperature. Stay away from the fire, heat source, high temperature area. The vehicle exhaust pipe for loading the item must be equipped with a fire resisting device, which prohibits the use of mechanical equipment and tools that produce sparks. Road transport should follow the prescribed route, not in residential areas and densely populated areas.


1.The monitoring alarm system shall be installed and the storage shall be limited.

2.The storage area is separated from the staff intensive work area and the personnel are close. Check the storage equipment for breakage or overflow.

3.The storage area shall be ready for immediate use of fire-fighting equipment.

4.Large bulk storage tanks must be steel products, placed in open areas, and equipped with temperature control automatic sprinkler systems to maintain temperatures below 20.

5.Discharge should be treated with nitrogen or other inert gas as a source of pressure. 6. Comply with regulations on the storage and operation of flammable materials. 

Product quality standard (implementation Q/CFRY 03-2016).

Test item Quality indicators Test method
Aldehyde content/%≥ 98.0 Q/CFRY 03 Industrial acetaldehyde
Peroxyacetic acid content/%≤ 0.01 Q/CFRY 03 Industrial acetaldehyde
Acetic acid content/%≤ 0.05 Q/CFRY 03 Industrial acetaldehyde
Pt-Co chromaticity≤ 15 GB/T 3143 Liquid chemical product color determination method (Hazen unit - platinum - cobalt color)


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